Workouts in June approved by NCAA for Football and Basketball

Published: 11:35am, May 21, 2020 EDT | Updated: 11:43am, May 21, 2020 EDT

Written by Ben the Pen

We're moving closer to normalcy or the "new normal" as college athletes in football and basketball can now have voluntary practices starting on June 1 according to the NCAA council.

This is huge news and a big step towards potentially having some form of college fall sports, at least for football. Basketball normally starts their official practice in late September.

College sports have become a year-round profession. College football doesn't just go from August-November. if they don't end up going to a bowl game, they are working out in the weight rooms and conditioning and then spring practice starts in March or April, depending on the school. They also normally have workouts in the summer before preseason practice starts and 7-on-7s

These workouts have been halted due to the COVID-19 outbreak and now, schools and conferences can allow athletes back on campus for workouts. The SEC, MAC and Big 12 are expected to meet via phone or vote on whether to open up their schools.

In April, coaches were allowed to contact their athletes "virtually", mainly focusing on team meetings and film review.

While the NCAA has allowed the voluntary workouts, it's still up to the schools and conferences to offer safe guidelines for their athletes to return. They are also relying on guidelines from their states on whether they can have athletes return to campus. Football probably has the upper hand over basketball, since they can hold workouts outside with no contact. Basketball can do conditioning on tracks and some skillwork indoors with social distancing.