Former WWE Wrestler, Shad Gaspard, Found Dead On Beach

Published: 4:50pm, May 20, 2020 EDT | Updated: 4:52pm, May 20, 2020 EDT

Written by The Dominator

The WWE Universe is mourning the loss of Shad Gaspard, whose body washed up on a Venice Beach in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning. He had gone swimming with his son (Aryeh) on Sunday when a rip current swept him out to sea. Before he was swept away, Gaspard called out to lifeguards to save his sone and they did. The former WWE star was not so lucky. The authorities had just called the search off for him a day earlier. He was about 50 yards from the shoreline when a lifeguard last saw him. A wave had just crashed over Gaspard’s head and he was swept out to sea at that moment.

Shad Gaspard (39) used his real name when he was in WWE and he was part of a team called Cryme Time. His partner was JTG, whose real name is Jayson Anthony Paul. I remember that group as they were a lot of fun but never really transformed into a dominant team. Gaspard left the WWE in 2010 and re-surfaced in a couple of minor roles in movies. One was “Get Hard” with Kevin Hart. He also stopped an armed robbery in 2016.

Cryme Time began in WWE in 2006 and last one year before moving on to the independent circuit. They were not known as Cryme Time then. On Oct 16th, 2006, Gaspard and JTG made their debut and defeat Johnny and Mikey of the Spirit Squad. On November 5th of the same year, they made their PPV debut in an event called Cyber Sunday. They defeated The Highlanders, Lance Cade, and Trevor Murdoch, along with Charlie Haas and Viscera in a four-team tornado tag team match. The team was released from WWE in 2007.

In 2008, the pair made their return to WWE and that is when Cryme Time was born. They were fan favorites and always having fun while also always looking to make a quick buck as the Thugs of WWE. Cryme Time never won the tag belts in WWE but they did steal them from Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes, before losing to them in a Tag Title match at Unforgiven. Cryme Time kind of reminds me of the current WWE Tag Champs the Street Profits. Both are a very fun group. Shad Gaspard will be missed.

“We would like to express our gratitude to the first responders who rescued Aryeh and to the lifeguards, coast guard, divers, fire and police departments for their continued efforts to help find our beloved Shad,” Siliana Gaspard (Wife) said.

She added: “Shad is a fighter, a warrior and a magical soul. We are hoping and praying for his safe return. As a family we thank you all for your concern and well wishes. Please continue to keep sending your positivity and prayers to our beloved Shad.”

Info Gleaned from Wikipedia and Microsoft News